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Libraries & Maritime Museums

Directory of Maritime Museums at the Council of American Maritime Museums.

Howard Steamboat Museum The mission of the Museum is to preserve the Howard family story, their mansion and the history of their shipyards and to foster an appreciation of the development of river steamboats and commerce along inland rivers. Jeffersonville, Indiana.

L.A. Maritime Museum Focus on the ships and history of the L.A. Harbor, located in the old ferry terminal on the San Pedro waterfront. Ship model collection.

Upper Tennessee Riverboat Museum, Inc. This new museum will preserve artifacts, records, and accounts of riverboats on the Upper Tennessee River and its tributaries above Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Museum is located in Knosville.

Marietta, Ohio Visit the Ohio River Museum, associated with the Ohio Historical Society and the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen. Home of the W.P. Snyder Jr., see also:

Institute of Nautical Archaeology - research the Klondike Gold Rush days

The Rivers Institute at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana Ongoing oral history project by Grayson Mattingly offers first person personal narratives of steamboat memories. A Tribute to the Bob-Lo Steamers.

Oklahoma History Center Project to excavate the Heroine, a sidewheeler sunk in 1838. Model is on display.

Mud Island River Park Mississippi River Museum located in the heart of the Northern Neck in Irvington Virginia between Kilmarnock and White Stone in Lancaster County. Point Pleasant River Museum in Mason County, West Virginia.

Marine Art Museum Paintings, marine art and artifacts, photos put "steamboat" in the search engine to access all articles about Missouri steamboats.

Murphy Library at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse: Steamboat Collection Photographs

National Maritime Historical Society Visit the steamboat museum in Dubuque, Iowa, a project of the Dubuque Historical Society.

See thousands of steamboat photos - go to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Murphy Lirary and enter "steamboats" in the search box in the top right corner. Click here for the library.

Cincinnati Library Find photos of steamboats in alphabetical order.

Capt. Fred Way Collection View steamboat photos from the collection donated to the Cincinnati Library by Fred Way and the Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen in the 1950s. Recently digitized and put online. A great resource. Point Pleasant River Museum in Mason County, West Virginia dedicated to preserving the history of steamboats that served the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. "If its on the River its on our Site"

Online Steamboat Museum At This Site - Information and hundreds of photos. On board for Adventure

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum of Louisiana

Doc Hawley Renowned steamboat pilot and historian.

Mississippi River Museum

University of Rochester - great documents, photos and technical drawings related to steam power.

The Nautical Research Guild list of nautical museums worldwide.

Missouri Civil War Museum Has information about old riverboats from the Civil War era.

More Colorado steamboat history

Steamboat Arabia Museum Museum in Kansas City, MO, displays recovered artifacts from this steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in 1856.

Note: There are more museums listed in these link pages - search for specific subjects.

Good Steamboat Resources

Life on the Water Magazine a resource for people who love the Tennessee River and surrounding waterways . . . and for the people who long for its adventure, solitude, and rest. out of Edwards, Missouri. Explores the communities, events, people and places in and around the Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake. This prestigious publication features in-depth looks at Missouri's state parks, waterways, recreation opportunities and lake living at its best.

The steamboat fonts we use at come from a Dover CD-ROM book, "24 Circus Display Fonts." Buy it at Amazon, click here. This site offers databases to access, post, and share information: Marine Directory with 13,000+ listings; Crew Swap for skippers, owners and crew; Boat Jumble - sell and buy used gear; Cruising Guide - find information on harbors, marinas, anchorages & moorings or contribute with some info of your own; Gear Guide - reports on equipment, good and bad, let us have your comments on your favorite bit of gear or why it is now resting on the ocean floor; Links section - over 4,100 links to non-commercial marine sites

Steamboat link collection Mid-America's Premier Boating Magazine (not specifically about paddlewheelers, but good boating tips, message boards, etc.)

Riverlorian Chats by Jerry Hay Go to the website (click here) or write to Jerry to invite him to give a live presentation on river history for your school or group: Email

Steamboats and Sternwheelers, by Jonathan Tschiggfrie

The Great Lakes Maritime History Collection More than 1,000 records (including images, video and other related documentation) about barges, cargo ships, lake steamers, lighthouses, passenger ships, river steamers, schooners, and shipwrecks. Located in Madison, WI. Contact by email.

Railpub - The source for back issue steamboat and marine magazines, plus used steamboat, railroad, tractor, truck and transport books.

Steamboat Masters Jack and Sandie Custer, former publishers of the Egregious Steamboat Journal, offer an amazing steamboat information site

More riverboat links

Steamboat Community Welcome to the neighborhood - Log on and find out the latest. (Steamboat pages by Allen Dale)

Bowen Books Buy a copy of the new book, "Delta Queen: A Novel," find good links, photos, and a section called "Build a Delta Queen Library." The page has summaries of major non-fiction books that have been published about the DQ over the past 50 years.

Rivermen & Riverboats Good info., photos.

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG), one of the several hosted volunteer projects at RootsWeb, announces the addition of maritime news articles excerpted from Irish newspapers, dating from 1700-1912. These articles have been contributed primarily to ISTG by Dennis Ahern, with some contributions by Cathy Joynt Labath and Alison Causton. The names of ships and surnames mentioned in the articles are indexed. Visit Irish Maritime News Articles by starting here: Additional maritime newspaper articles, dating from the 1700s to 1940 and listed by year, ship name, or article subject are available at:

The North American Steam Boat Association organized by Charles Roth, this group is comprised primarily of steamboat lovers from North American; publishes a bi-monthly newsletter; good links and other resources.

See 100 historic steamboat photos, start here: Historic Harrison County ~ Riverboats

Attention Hollywood -- this boat wants to be in the movies: Henry M. Flagler Paddlewheeler.

Steamboat Press is a mail-order publishing house that can help you find information about American steamboat history.

Classic Boatworld connecting Classic Boat enthusiasts around the world to provide information about the golden age of boating. Networking, links, bulletin board community.

Flags - including some maritime flags.

River Rat's Links Excellent link page and other steamboat resources.

Allen's Steamboat Pages This site is for people who are seriously into MISSISSIPPI and OHIO style steamboats, pictures and information.

International Steamboat Society - Steamboating Magazine at Initiated in 1984 for the purpose of forming a link and a means of communication for the many steamboat enthusiasts throughout the world. The Society is open to anyone who owns, will own, has owned, or simply has an interest in steamboats. Link here to learn about monthly journal, Society membership.

For books on steamboats, visit the - Bookstore (this site).

Reading list and publications. Topmost resources for steamboat information (at this site).

Riverboat plans:
Now available - new 20 page illustrated catalog of riverboat and tug plans from Paddlewheels and Props. Plans for 39 river craft are listed, including vintage steam paddlewheel passenger vessels and towboats, early diesel stern wheel and prop towboats, barges, auto ferries and modern towboats, many designed by Ward Engineering Works of Charleston, W. VA. Also listed are 7 harbor tug plans dating from 1910 through world War II. There are 4 pages of sources for other plans, historical societies and publications and model building supplies. If you are a ship model builder, river artist, historian or just a boat buff, you will find this catalog useful.
Catalog Price is $6.50 U. S. & Canada; $8.50 overseas. Checks or money orders only accepted. Make payable to John Fryant, 7672 Crystal Cove Pointe, Maineville, Ohio 45039 U. S. A. Email: Jnoboat

American Sternwheel Association

Steamboating Info. about specific ships, extensive link pages.

Rainer Radow's Steam Boat Page Information about ships built in specific shipyards, including the the African Queen, built for the Bogart & Hepburn movie. German, English and Dutch languages.

Steamboat Dave Dawley's Place Alphabetical Links to boats, captains. Links to info. on Alaskan riverboats, Rio Grande riverboats, fun riverboat links, books on riverboats.

Capt. Randy's River Pages: good links, good intro. to Mississippi River system.

Steamboaters Web Ring -- Offers many good sites.

Steam Powered Boats and Ships Webring A worldwide collection of websites related to boats and ships (from small models to large ocean going vessels) propelled by the quiet, effortless power of steam.

Specific Steamboat Subjects

Campbell County Kentucky Steamboats, genealogy, and other information from this riverfront county that traces its history to 1794.

Georgetown Steamboats - revisit the steamboating days of 1850-1870 with historian Fran Nash. This is an intense historical site with local stories, steamboat and steamboat captains' biographies. All the stories are centered around Georgetown, PA, mile marker 38.9 from Pittsburgh on the Ohio River.

Lee Line Steamers Telling the history of the Lee Line Steamer Co. 1862 to 1926.

Ohio Valley Steamboat Captain Mike Giglio's laudable project to build a working steamboat. Join the effort - become a Plank Owner by contributing to the project!

Ohio River Steamboat History going back to 1793, by R.J. Edwards. Ongoing oral history project by Grayson Mattingly offers first person personal narratives of steamboat memories. Chesapeake Bay during the Steamboat Era - history is available at the site, including a DVD. Valentine's Day memories. A Brief History of Steamboats of the Osage River, by Margaret Gilbert, steamboat historian. - Everything you need to know about the Missouri River, by Frank McMillian.

Alaska - old boats

The Canadian history of paddlewheelers in Alaska

Sandy Boats history of steamboats in the New York region.

History of steamboats in North Carolina

Steamboats in Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay during the Steamboat Era - history is available at the site, including a DVD.

Traveling Exhibit on steamboat history in West Virginia (at this site)

Annual Fourth of July Sternwheel Regatta in downtown Point Pleasant
Osage River Steamboats find out more about the "little river" and the many steamboats that once plied this route

Steam Engine History Find info. on the development of the steam engine - at this site - with links to other resources.

Cincinnati - Louisville Steamboats Recently digitized and put online: a handwritten book by steamboat pilot Noah Meeker that details steamboat landings from Cincinnati to Louisville in 1883. The Library received a $200,000 grant to purchase a KIRTAS system that allows us to scan and digitize many rare and unique items in our collection. I have even sent some photos to Dave Thomson. Now instead of residing in file cabinets that can't be seen, these pictures can now be made available around the word. ( to the Cinci Library: THANK YOU!!)

Greene Family genealogy - now online! Click here.

Delta Queen Ghosts a short video

At this site: Who Built the First Steamboat? The debate continues. Here's another article on the subject: The Center for the Study of Technology and Society

A new book on the invention of steamboats: Steam: The Untold Story of America's First Great Invention by Andrea Sutcliffe

Learn about the wreck found in the Red River, Oaklahoma

Steamboat Arabia Museum Museum in Kansas City, MO, displays recovered artifacts from this steamboat that sank in the Mississippi River in 1856.

Sunken paddle wheeler in Bermuda There are a couple of good paddle wheel wrecks in the coral reefs off Bermuda - yes they had ocean going paddle wheel boats in the 1800s. One is the Marie Celeste, another is the Montana. Use this window to find more:

A 23 page booklet with information on 31 sunken steamboat on the Mississippi River between Trempealeau, WI and Victory, WI. Booklet contains many photos, aeriel photos, and maps. Cost $10 for booklet plus $1.50 postage (U.S.).

Poster: Shows location of 31 steamboat sinkings on Mississippi River between Trempealeau, WI and Victory, WI (many boats were recovered and refitted). Poster 17" x 22". Contains photos of War Eagle and steamer Reindeer. Cost $8 for poster plus $3.50 postage (U.S.).

Send to: Patrick Rash
P.O. Box 931
La Crosse WI 54602-0931

To find books on steamboat disasters, go to our onboard bookstore: Steamboat Disasters.

Steamboats of Lake Eustice, Florida, by Nick Saum at North Carolina Business History -This site has the most comprehensive historical list of steamboats that plied the waters of North Carolina, including detailed lists (type, tonnage, draft, routes, etc.) as well as some pictures, steamboat lines, etc. -- with more to be added. History of steamboats in North Carolina. Go directly to the steamboat page: Steamboat History at the North Carolina Business Hall of Fame.

The Great Steamboat Race of the Kentucky Derby is a real steamboat race that has been going on for 40 years and traditionally features the Delta Queen and the Belle of Louisville.

Towboat swept under bridge See amazing photo sequence of a towboat that washes under a bridge in Alabama in 1979.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Provides a forum for volunteers to present transcriptions of passenger lists and related materials so that people can trace their ancestry

Hospital Steamers of the estern Sanitary Commission, by Scott Williams (webmaster for the Links to Canals, Rivers & Waterways

University of Alberta Archives's northern records project. Includes records of Julian Mills, a steamboat captain in the waterways of Norhtern Alberta. Links to a numerous historic photos of early 20th century northern Alberta shipping (including steamships).

American Rivers and Waterways - American migration was often by way of rivers and waterways. These are as important to study as are the early roads and trails. This nicely done site also links to related web pages.

Great Lakes Lighthouses - gift set of glass lighthouses containing sand from each of the Great Lakes.

A display about Arizona Rivers and Lakes hosted by the folks from the Dolly Steamboat in Arizona.

The Ghost of Mary Greene

Well's Landing History A Columbia River, Colorado, turn of the century riverboat landing.

A Modern Saga of Mon River by Russ Barnes, Pittsburgh Press. A reporter sails down the Monongahela River from from Point Marion to The Point in Pittsburgh. More about Russ Barnes: click here

Mississippi River Homepage

Find a good account of the explosion of the "Princess" off Baton Rouge in 1859. Thought you might be interested. It's at: Princess.html

Sebago Steamers Passenger steamboats and the development of Lakes Region tourism,1847-1932

Pollard Family Geneology and History Site

Answers to "Who built the first steamboat?"

Steam Calliopes

Upper Mississippi River History by Captain Ron Larson

New book (now available!!) a good resource for boats operating between Cincinnati and Louisville between about 1910 to 1930 by Russ Ryle. Available in September - a new CD of riverboat music.

Old Photos and info.:
historic photos, info.
historic photos, info.

E-bay seller with steamboat stuff

Photos of old steamboats from the Louisville, KY, area.

19th Century correspondence click on the link that says "Letterhead and Letters" and "advertising" for Iron Steamboat Co. of New York, and documents from other boat/steamship related companies.

Steamboating Meets (races). International Steamboat Society information about steamboat races.

Old Man River Everything you always wanted to know about the Mississippi River, and Mississippi River history.

Dutch steamboat reference site. Good links to steamboats on the net. Dutch, German and English language.

Tall Stacks. Tall Stacks is a celebration of the Steamboating Era. Every four years, riverboats from around the country steam into the Port of Cincinnati for a five day festival. Site includes steamboat history, etc.

Steamboats on the Monongahela River An (approx.) 1940s photo of steamboats on the Monongahela River, Pittsburgh.

Historic photos Two photos of historic Mississippi riverboats.

Steamboats in Petaluma Read about the history of steamboats in this California town.

Roster of Yukon/Alaska Sternwheelers & other Riverboats, by Murray Lundberg Roster of Yukon/Alaska Sternwheelers More than 250 steamboats plied the Yukon River from the late 1890s to the early 1950s. Many were shipwrecked along the mighty river, smashed to bits by rapids, rocks, trees and sandbars. This database lists the names and fates of Yukon River steamships.

Steamboat Photos Pictures of the Dubuque, Sidney, St. Louis, St. Paul, W.R. Arthur, Julia Belle Swain, City of Savannah, Natchez, Robinson's Showboat, Packet Clifton, Natchez.

Steamboating Accidents essay on steamboat accidents: "The age of the steamboat introduced an era of unprecedented speed into the American consciousness. . . ."


First day cover collection from the Delta Queen (at this site).

Steamboat Clowns Cory the Clown and Aaron Neville visit New Orleans and Cory travels on an actual steamboat. They explain the history of steamboats. Watch for their children's TV show on PBS.

Delta Queen vacation photos by Cathy Barton and Dave Para. They make steamboating look like fun.

Delta Queen interior design by Bauer Interiors.

Rainer Radow's Steam Boat Page Steamboats and Steam Launches --new and underconstruction-- described in English and German.

Other Subjects

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MS Victory Boating for a cure - National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Don Martin and Donna Theodore webmaster's talented relatives. Learn more about river history, steamboats, and how they shaped the nation.

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